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One of the earlier types of projectors first installed at the Woolton cinema was the Kalee 8 and Kershaw hand fed carbon arc lamp house, similar to the photo on the left. The Kalee projector was developed in Yorkshire in 1911 by an Englishman named Abraham Kershaw who also developed other types of photographic machinery and theatre illumination, The name Kalee was derived from the makers two initials reversed and the first three letters of the makers hometown, Leeds.Kalee became synonymous throughout the world in the production of cinema projectors and equipment.           
The Woolton cinemas RCA rack amplifier. Although disconnected and no longer used, they remain within the Woolton cinemas projection room as a important reminder of the  cinemas past  heritage          
left: The Woolton’s Peerless Magnarc Carbon arc house’s                                                With Later Westar projection heads.          
With the advent of talkies in the 1930`s it is likely this RCA photo phone high fidelity sound head was the first sound equipment to be installed at the Woolton and the simplex projector was added to the setup at a later date.The American manufactured simplex projectors first came into mass production in 1910, with most of its precision quality accredited to a Scottish engineer named Francis B Cannock. Although superseded by several different models the basic design of the simplex projector head changed little over the years.The photo right is of one of the two simplex projectors that still sits disconnected within Woolton’s  projection box.           
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Right: The Woolton’s old Spool Cabinet. Currently still in use to store trailer and advert reels
Archives of early projection equiptment from the Woolton Picture House
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