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Making your way up the steps and through the doorway of the main entrance, you are greeted on your left by the cashier at the pay box window, along with the “Ker ching Ker ching” sound of the old style mechanical ticket machine as your tickets appear like magic on the counter. Hands up all those red faced patrons who walked right past the tiny pay point counter without paying completely oblivious to the cashier being there.
Upon purchasing your admission ticket whilst cracking the joke “Two tickets for the balcony please”. Its then time to head for the sweets popcorn and ices kiosk. Before you have the chance to yell  “HOW MUCH !” The cashier does a quick disappearing act and low and behold they miraculously re-appear as the confectionery attendant.
With two coke cups in hand, a packet of Paynes Poppets under chin and a large bucket of popcorn balanced on ones head, Its now time to head towards the church like auditorium doors, whilst praying nobody on the inside opens the doors in your face as you approach them.
Through the magical red curtains and you are transformed back in time to the 1920`s. You have now entered the auditorium with its candle style wall lighting, Art deco fixtures and more than a touch of modern day luxury refinement..
The view from the front far corner of the hall showing the spacious rows of luxury pullman seats. At the  top of the picture can be seen the tiny projection room portholes, Two portholes for each of the projectors, two smaller look out windows for the projectionist and a third porthole to the right for the slide lantern.
View From the opposite top corner looking towards the front of the hall we see the wall to wall screen curtains known in the trade as `the tabs’ and Above it is the curved proscenium. The hall holds around 250 patrons, seats are divided into two sections with a isle running down the centre  leading towards a child inciting Walls ice cream fridge (strategically placed at the front of the screen). In bygone days of public smoking the seating isle  divide line was encouraged for the smokers on one side and nonsmokers on the other side.
The hall begins to fill for another night of memorable movie magic in the unique surround and atmosphere of Liverpool’s oldest surviving independent purpose built cinema.
The front view of the Woolton Picturehouse seen from the opposite side of Mason street, (Pre -2006 before the demolition of the Canopy, white slats and illuminated sign.
Front of House  [Woolton Picture House].
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