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Top Right: The Abbey’s two Cinemeccanica Victoria 8 35/70mm projectors located within the downstairs centre stalls projection box. Photo taken early 1970`s shortly after the original three strip set up became obsolete in favour of a more conventional two projector change over method using just one large single 70mm Panavision lens to project the film instead of three strip 35mm projection.Note the redundant extractor duct on the ceiling at the far end of the roomt is where the third cinerama projector once stood. At the rear of each projector stands a cylindrical  Rectifier supplying the Carbon rods with high voltage DC current regulated at 65-70amps         CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE Middle Right: The Abbey’s Cinemeccanica Victoria 8 Projector number 1 .  The oblong box above the lens houses the six channel magnetic sound head for reading either 70mm or 35mm magnetic print sound tracks. The 35mm optical sound head is located  beneath the shutter box and nearby solenoid change over button. The lens configuration on the photo left shows the Giant 70mm Panavision lens  used as a backing lens for a 35mm cinema scope presentation . Right: One of The Abbeys  Cinemeccanica Super Zenith 450 Carbon Arc light houses which holds two carbon rods to produce the intense light required for the demands to fill the Abbey`s giant screen .The longer carbon rod is connected to the DC Positive supply and the negative to the DC minus  power supply. The lifetime of each Carbon rod is approx. 60 minutes . Note in the background behind the Arc house stands the redundant original three strip cinerama 35mm sound  only spool carrier
Left: The sound cabinet  pictured left, houses six independent valve amplifiers,a pre amp module and a Bass treble unit.The interchangeable amplifiers are used for Centre speech channel,bottom left channel, bottom right channel,Top left Channel, Top  right channel and surround sound channel. The closed cabinet seen next to it  has an additional two amplifiers to provide a Eight channel cinema sound experience.  The second cabinet also housed the selsyn motor control unit to synchronise the  three film projectors and the separate film sound unit of the three strip cinerama format. Fitted to the top of each cabinet are four sound monitors
Images by kind permission of K Foster        
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