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Residents to keep time on late night openings Article first published 10.03.2011 To the concern of  local residents a rather spooky and yet significant event takes place at the Woolton Picture house on the 18th of March 2011, when the cinema hosts a Ghost night special. Organisers of the event say tickets are selling fast and a full house is anticipated. With the evenings ghoulish entertainment likely to finish approaching the midnight hour, neighbours fear the only things likely to be ‘going bump in the night’  will be the sound of car doors and the hub- hub of almost 250 high spirited people vacating the building. One nearby Neighbour said this is a worrying development, Mason street is primarily a residential area and the Woolton Picturehouse has previously always had to close before 11.00pm so its news to us that it intends to stay open later, any changes to its licensed opening hours should be subject to local consultation and as far as we are aware nobody from the Councils Licensing committee or from the cinema have been in contact with residents to discuss this later opening arrangement. Residents fear that the imminent arrival of the cinemas new stage in spring 2011 will generate other regular late night events which could even pave the way for having a midnight movie. Although its understood this particular event is for a charitable cause,some say the events timing might be a thinly veiled guise to test the response of the residents of Mason St and the buildings local licensing committee towards further late night events. A spokesperson for the local licensing authority said ‘if any cinema does ever flout its opening hours licensing rules we will certainly come back to Haunt Them’.
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