Mrs T gets on her soap box to bring you all the chit chat,news and comments concerning your local Picture house The Woolton. NO CHRISTMAS CHEER FOR WOOLTON SENIORS
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Go-on go-on its Christmas time give the Woolton seniors a more rewarding slice of the cake.   You have to feel sorry whenever it nears December for those loyal cinema going pensioners who make their regular weekly Wednesday morning pilgrimage along to the Woolton picture house for the senior morning matinee, only to find when they get there that their shows been cancelled to make way for a private booking. According to my two pensioner neighbours Doris and Winnie  this is what happened when they went last Wednesday and they tell me it's not the first time this has happened, the same thing happens every year in December. Doris said we’ve both been going to the senior show for years now, you don’t mind  being plied with  hot drinks and a biscuit (if your lucky) week after week by the condescending go-on go-on Mrs Doyle tea lady that works at the cinema, but when it gets near Christmas you live in hope that they might offer you a glass of sherry and a mince pie instead of a cup of tea and a jammy dodger, but no such luck all you hear from them is the senior shows been cancelled because there’s a school private showing on instead and then they try to force feed you into buying a couple of tickets for ‘Its A Wonderful Life’ just to get you off their back. Winnie said “I wouldn’t mind but it’s the same old film every year, we’ve seen that one so many times at Woolton were starting to act and talk like Jimmy Stewart”  According to our cinema insider the Bigger Picture is that everything boils down to which show earns the most money and which audience buys the most ice cream, The private shows are a good little side line, in particular the behind closed doors school party ones and the cinema doesnt even have to turn the boiler up like it does for the pensioners, how it works is on the quiet the cinema borrows the main feature film that they have already booked for the evenings shows without the knowledge or permission of the film renter and offer it to the local schools for a couple of hundred quid a showing during the daytime. It means the cinema gets to pocket all the takings from the school show revenue without them having to pay a penny extra to the people who provide and own the film, in layman’s terms its known locally as ‘Doing a foreigner’ .The burning  question on Mrs T’s lips is will the film renter ever find out and more to the point will Doris and Winnie ever get given their mince pie and Christmas glass of sherry!.come on Woolton Picture house show some loyalty to all those regular band of pensioners who support you all the year round and not just at christmas time.
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