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  MYTHS & LEGENDS.  Mrs T tells it how it is   Funny how tales of John Lennon’s so called ‘childhood haunts’ seem to surface whenever there’s a film crew in town with wads of money to splash in search of old Beatle haunts or on occasions when the begging bowl is passed round to save those same haunts from extinction. The fisherman’s tale about John Lennon’s so called affection for the Woolton Picture House is one prime example and this big fishy tale seems to get bigger every time a film crew pops its head out the water. According to one such tale found on the Woolton Picture House’s very own sponsored website (Quote) “The Woolton Picture House was the childhood haunt of a famous musician by the name of John Lennon, inspiring part of the lyrics to his song    'A Day in the life'. And nicknamed 'The Bug' by Lennon and other 'Quarrymen' band members’ (Unquote). Odd then when Mrs T checked out these claims to see which part of the lyrics it was that inspired John Lennon to write the song 'A Day in the life' nobody from the cinema could come up with any answers. The same goes for the bold statement declaring it was John Lennon who nicknamed it “The bug”, interpreted by some as a connotation of the word Beatle (Beetle). Older Wooltonians say the nickname was actually far less flattering and its title ‘The Bug House’ was first adopted by local children long before John Lennon had even learnt to say mama!. Deep rooted Wooltonians say the origins of the nick name derived from within the local doctors surgery, when on Monday mornings the doctor would examine a higher than normal volume of children with the same cough and flu symptoms, looking to establish a common place of contact for the spread of the flu like virus, with a knowing smile the doctor would often ask the child’s parents if their offspring had been to the bug house over the weekend to watch the children’s matinee. Other locals joked it was known as ‘The Bug House’ simply because if you came home from the pictures with a bite mark on your neck there was more chance it had been put there by an insect species rather than the female species, In reality and backed up in archives and interviews by both John’s half Sister Julia & George Harrison, It is true to say that growing up in Liverpool John loved going to the cinema as often as he could afford to and he did have a childhood cinema he regulary visited which was close to his heart, partly because his mother worked there as a cinema usherette, it was also the place where he had his first romantic cinema encounter and the same cinema which inspired him to write part of the lyrics to arguably one of the greatest Beatles songs ever. There is however one or two small discrepencies the Woolton picturehouses own website have made in order to gate crash the story. The first is the name of the song which is misleadingly reported as being ‘A Day in the life' and then there is the more blatant big whopper claiming it was Woolton’s Picture house which inspired John to write the song. The truth is the real cinema haunt which inspired John to write part of the lyrics to the Beatles song  called ‘In my life’ (and not as  reported ‘A day in the life’) was in fact three miles further down the road in Wavertree and it was a cinema called The Abbey cinema. Sad then that a cinema such as The Woolton which has survived without the Help of the Beatles since 1927 should ever want to associate itself with such claims in order to stake  a claim in beatle song folklore in the hope of pulling in a few more patrons whilst misleading a damn sight many more. In all fairness there is one undeniable fact that does give partial credibility to these soft soap money motivated attempts at forging this childhood bond between John Lennon and Woolton’s picturehouse, it is the occasion in the early 1950’s when John went there to see a film along with a few of his mates and they were all unceremoniously ejected from the premises by the cinema attendant for making a nuisance of themselves during the film. After that particular encounter it would have been more like John to have picked himself up from the bottom of the picture house steps, dusted down his ruffled leather jacket, turned around to show the cinema manager his middle finger and disappeared up Mason Street never to set foot in the bugging house again. Come to think of it maybe this was the moment which gave John the inspiration for the title of the Beatles song which he wrote called   ‘I’LL BE ON MY WAY’ !
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