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When John Lennon was born he lived with his mother Julia at her parents home in Newcastle Rd Wavertree. In 1941 when John was just one years of age Julia’s own mother died.To help with John’s upbringing his mother Julia then took a part time job as a usherette working at the nearby Abbey cinema while her father stayed at home with John. As John grew older he regulary visited his mothers work place to watch the movies including his screen idol Elvis Presley. John Lennon: “You see we wanted to be bigger than Elvis that was the main thing”. Tragically when John was seventeen his mother died after being struck by a car. After her death John still often visited the Abbey, sitting in the circle close to the wooden flip up ushers seat where his mother once sat as the cinema usherette back in 1942. In 1964 inspired by his childhood memories of places including the Abbey cinema, John wrote the lyrics to a song which many musicians consider to be one of the greatest beatles songs of all. The song in question was called “In My Life”. With a final twist of irony when the cinema closed in 1979, the supermarket chain Lennons took over and as if by fate the name Lennons adorned the cinema canopy. Abbey cinema Source Info provided by Julia Baird  (John Lennons half sister) There are places i'll remember, All my life though some have changed, Some forever but not for better, Some have gone and some remain, Penny Lane is one I`m missing, Up Church Rd to the clock tower, In the circle of the Abbey,                          I have seen some happy hours. LEFT: John Lennon`s  original hand written lyrics to the first verse of  “In My Life “. The words were later changed to make more lyrical sense to a world wide audience
George Harrison lived just across the road from the Abbey with his parents, two brothers and sister in Arnold Grove Wavertree.For George in his youth the Abbey was a integral part of his family upbringing. When he became famous he often spoke publicly with great fondness of this his local cinema.In a rare television interview for ITV he said as a teenager he would go to the Abbey to see films with all the American Rock & Roll stars in. He recalled in the  interview, on one occasion after a visit to the Abbey with John Lennon to watch Rock around the Clock,they both could not help but notice all the female attention Bill Haley & the Comets attracted on the Silver screen and on the way out after the movie had finished George  joked “That’s the type of job I want to have, and as the saying goes, The rest was history !.
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